Sunday, October 13, 2013

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"I don't miss him at all.
I don't miss the negativity when he is around me."

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Outside of work, what makes you happy?:
"My family.  My baby."
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"I don't need any more books about life.  I have learned enough about life."
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What's your advice on marriage:
"The more in common you have with your partner, the smoother marriage life is going to be."

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Isn't that amazing?"
"Five-year olds can do that Mom!"

<No Picture>

Can I take I picture of you, Sir?
I have a blog site that I want to make into a book,
and it is pictures of people with messages from their hearts
to inspire other people.

"No thank you."

I have a feeling he just did not want his picture taken.
Lesson learned.
I should be able to draw wisdom from people who dont want their pictures taken.
I would offer the option of taking pictures of their shoes.
or hands.
or ears.
or back.
What's your advice to the world: "Be yourself".
And what's the biggest lesson you've learned in your life: "Be kind to people."